After School


What We do.

After school we help children with their homework and after that we plan and explore some artistic and creative activities.

We start the afternoon with study support and helping with homework in a family like environment. As soon as those tasks are finished we keep the remaining time without structure so that children are able to explore all the materials available freely, so they can choose, without restraints, what they want to do like, play, build, creat, draw, paint, play board games, play musical instruments or even invent their own activities.

By scheduling the afternoons like this we allow children to grow autonomy, and also enchance the ability to organize time, imagination, creativity, develope problem solving abilities, fine motor skills, comunication skills and for them to express their feelings.

The small and heterogeneous groups, with children from many ages and even nationalities, allow knowledge exchange and help developing creativity and comunication skills while simulating family relationships giving them a much needed sense of safety.

For Whom and When?

This activity, planned for children at school age, is held at our store every day of the week from 15h30 to 19h, children can participate once in a while or monthly.